A software development company with a solid background in implementation of complex software solutions for insurance industry.

Complete solutions for insurers and insurance brokers. Sh@rpAsig has 10 deployments insurers. Platform@Broker.Net with over 40 deployments brokers. Over 35 million policies issued. More than 400 million euro gross premiums in 2019.

Developing customized solutions tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers.
BrokerNet experts have developed over 25 major projects in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

Analysis and extraction of specific requirements, consulting, development, design and implementation, testing and configuration solutions, BI reports - using dedicated platforms, such as Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.

Why BrokerNet

We know the industry, with extensive experience in the insurance market in Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

We offer comprehensive and effective solutions, tailored to your needs. Every step of the way, your needs will be perfectly met.

Our goal is to help our customers improve their business performance through implementing and effectively running state-of-the-art IT solutions.

Our Clients all are satisfied

Insurance brokerage companies

Insurance companies

Any company that wants business growth using IT solutions