For remote professional training, all you need is an internet connection.E-learning Broker.Net platform can be used in any line of business, currently being used in insurance. Our system, accredited by Insurance Institute for Management ( and Financial Supervisory Authority ), it is used by the people who support examination of professional training certification.
        E-learning Broker.Net platform can be what you need if:

  • You have a big number of employees who need to be trained in a short time period;
  • Contributors/ students are dispersed in several locations;
  • It happens to gather employees/ stundens in a certain location for training;
  • Repeat the same lesson for multiple students groups;
  • You wish to assess your students knowledge in an effective way;


  • You can create your own lessons in platform;
    • Uploading material of a lesson;
    • A definition for each lesson evaluations;
    • An assigment of lecturers and students under each lesson;
  • You can define duration of each lesson;
  • Platform facilitates time counting of each lesson;
  • You can verify the present of each student during the lesson;
  • You can create notifications for certain students or, for all of them;
  • You cand manage receivables and the amounts collected for each student, related lessons that are enrolled;
  • You cand generate the promotion certificates of lessons for each student;
  • E-learning Broker.Net platform cand be interconected with Broker.Net Platform, so sales agents can access E-learning platform through brokers platform;

Tehnology and Infrastructure

E-learning platform it’s build in the area of application, database and web services using the lates technology such as MVC3, SQL Server 2008, NHibernate, Java and Javascript, Crystal Reports.
E-learning platform, hosts for each “academy” a separate database without the possibility of accidental access or transfer data between hosted various databases.
Application-level security is given by academy code, username and password with a minimum length of 6 characters, stored encrypted passwords in broker’s database.
Forcing access is not possible by using passwods generator because the access is blocked for 30 minutes when the number of failed attemtps is greater than 4.
Each user ( administrators, lecturers, students ) has set specific rights in the predefined security policies. These rights are allocated to each specific users group.
The reliability of the system is given by application server configuration to the database and implemented disaster recovery policies.
Databases are stored on two ultraperfomant IBM servers, in a redundant configuration with 32 X proccesors of 128 Gb RAM.
Additional the are two IBM application servers for web, idencally redundancy found in a configuration just like: two redundant servers, 24 X proccesors of 128 Gb RAM.
The allocated bandwidth is 100 Mbps.
There is a disaster recovery policy that is implemented and involve a complete backpup process at every 30 minutes and our servers are located in a NX2 data bunker.