Platform@Broker is a software application designed for companies of insurance brokerage, designed with the aim of facilitating and substantially reduce the daily activities.
Platform@Broker is both a program of issuing electronically via web services of insurers and a complete management of all activities of all parties involved.
Platform@Broker is continuously updated and adapted to your needs. Continuous improvement.
More than 100 million euro gross premiums in 2016.
Flexible software and services that allow you to administer your business, your way, as an industry leader.
Functionality all the functionality you need in a single, easy-to-use platform that gives you an advantage over the competition.
Technology leverages the latest in cloud-based, smart-client technology to offer you the competitive edge you need.

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Easy to use Interface

Search and manage your clients, policies, objects and payments. Sales workflow (proposal, acceptance, policy, payment) is made very easy for client and for salesperson.
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Easy customisation

Getting started is quick and easy – the way it should be. This means that another company can use the core functionality of the insurer's website, but have their own company’s identity on the site (logo, styling, colour scheme, and contact details). And positions the site and offerings as their own "franchise". No need to worry about development time and costs.
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Online Interface

Platform@Broker is web based software, available anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to worry about hosting, backups or other software management related problems.
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Reduced Risk & Cost

Is one of the most cost efficient insurance systems on the market. Each module can be implemented separately allowing the projects to go live in small incremental steps reducing the implementation risk significantly.
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Rapid Deployments

Flexibility allows the system to becomes available for review, testing, and user training at very early stages of implementation. A new product with an average complexity can be configured and available to the market in about one week.


Sales diversification
By using Broker Platform you can set up products packages for crosselling. You will diversify your portofolio due the electronic issuing program that is included in Broker Platform, wich contains a large range of eletronic products.
Business efficiency and minimizing costs can be done trough the next available facilities in Broker Platform.

Cost Control
By using Broker Platform not only you will minimize your costs
( IT, back office, primary accounting etc. ), but you will remarkable increase your sales and you will improve your costumer service.


Analytical tools that allows periodic monitoring and evalution of the business :

  • Periodic repoting to ASF;
  • Registered policies – active/canceled - , in a certain time period, for a certain product type;
  • Contributors agents informations;
  • Revenues recorded – personal, contributors, companies, (un)centralized , (un)invoiced;
  • Collected rates;
  • Terminations;
  • Personal comisions and contributors;
  • Costumers birthdays;
  • Special regime documents;
  • Certain period incomes;
  • Internal/ External payments reconciled;
  • Defined blocking criteria;

Broker Platform facilitates the increase of the sales network and quality mprovement of services by integrating effective, unitary and professional comunication modules regarding the contributors:
  • Adding notifications to each workstation, user or entire structure;
  • Adding latest informations about Legislation and procedures;
  • Adding products informations, sales courses in Inusrer information zone;

Collection control
Automatic reconciliation with bank statements.
User’s locking criteria can be configured both individual and the entire structure.
  • Setting automatic lock, depending of a certain number of days from the due date of issuing collections that are not cashed;
  • Setting automatic lock, depending of some uncashed premiums;
  • Setting automatic lock, depending of some unchased rates , after overcoming of a certain number of days;

Clients management
  • This module has the main goal to help you in sales maximizing and increasing of retention costumers lever;
  • Your sales network will benefit from daily tasks mechanization;
  • Marketing strategy creation by e-mail;
  • Eficiency maximization of costumer care department;
  • Simplifying issuing process for already existent cosutmer by having the option to issue and offer for renewal in an automatic way;
  • Real-time management of insurrance portofolio per cosumer;
  • Automatic notifications regarging maturity and renewals;
  • Creating schedules, in the sight of contacting costumers;

Repertory & summary
By inssuing repertory, you can control and verify, timely, both flow and revenues deposited in your collection account.
Automate check deposting payments by the contributors is based on load bank statements in the platform. Regardless the bank you collaborate, we cand implement any bank statement model, for automatic loading in the system.
The platform is oriented on the collections made by its own agents, having the option to set it up predefined mandatory frequency of generating internal repertory.
Te platform can automaticaly generate repertory for each agent, at a certain time frame.

Insurers repetoires and invoices
Repertoires model imposed by insurers, both excel format and PDF.
Billing module contains all types of necesary invoices, having the option to set up for each product, if comissions related to billing will be defined as withholding ( net) or handed to insurers ( gross ). Insurers will steer the money.
  • New invoice
  • Formal invoice
  • Cancellation invoice
  • Invoicing ( add / remove receipts )
  • Invoicing bonus comision
  • Invoicing aditional services
The module facilitates receiving alerts by e-mail regarding the payments that will be handed to insurers.

Conections with insurers
The platforma allows conections with some insurers.
The facility is usefull to allow a single management of users ( just one setting in plaform ).
Any user can access insurer platform and directly issue policies from insurer’s portal.
Policies that are issued from insurer’s portal will be imported in broker’s platform.

The platform enalbles integration with other online inssuing web-sites trough web services.
The integration can be done with: RCA (auto libility ), Travel, Locuinte ( home insurance ), Rotr ( during transport operator liability ).

Finance Management

Reporting Management
Reporting Management features allow you to track, cross-sell and up-sell for more efficient customer retention and servicing. You can monitor your sales, easily manage insurer reports and commission. Platform@ broker has reports prepared for the FSA in several countries and can add yours too.

Debt Management
Debt Management helps you manage overdue invoices by sending automatic reminders to clients. Debt management is customisable according to insurer rules.

Receiving payments and supervising all monetary transactions can be organised easily. Insurer premium mapping and payment management. Integration with bank statements. Automatic reconciliation of revenues.

Billing Management
Automatic invoicing and e-mailing. Complex invoice creation with multiple insurance products on one invoice. Automatic payment mapping with invoices Integration with bank statements.

Brokers Commissions
Automatic generate brokers/agents commisions (after closing of accounts).

Cross - Selling

General approach
The main sections of issuing and managing policies has cross-selling features. The it sistem allows cross-selling packages configuration in the level of each insurance product, but also at the level of each user and each category of costumers.

There are cross-selling facilities for the following product categories: auto, property, civil liability, malpraxis and travel.

Cross - selling RCA
The application may propose packages of products that will be added to the main product. These packages can be preseted by the application administrator and can be modified by the sale agent.
In the ilustration you will find an cross-selling example for RCA to wich is linked to domestics accidents and a towing car policy.

Cross - selling property
The application may propose packages of products that will be added to the main product. These packages can be preseted by the application administrator and can be modified by the sale agent.

View policies
Computer system identify package issued policies and notify the user. This facility is usefull, particulary for policies renewal, but also for their maturity rates.

Process Management

Renewal management
Renewal Management Feature automatic reminders on our dashboard help you to start the renewal process on time, making sure that all policies will be renewed and all instolments will be collected.

Document management
We keep all policies, objects related documents (receipts, insurance conditions, risk inspection) online, so you can access them at any time.

Notifications & Alerts
Application generates notifications and alerts for each category of users (administrators, agents, brokers, inspectors, directors) for each module (underwriting, legal, claims, accounting, collections, reinsurance)


Our API is an easy-to-integrate system which lets you add functionality to almost any web application. All facilities are exposed on web services.

Import modules
Policy import - Our web service allows you to import policy data and documents from insurer systems.
Collections import- Our web service allows you to import collections data and documents from insurer systems.
Claims import- Our web service allows you to import claims data and documents from insurer systems.
Document import- We can easily read and save all the pre-defined data from scanned documents.
Partner assets management - You can administer insurance agreements of all your partner (i.e. bank or leasing company) assets.

Technology and infrastructure

Complete removal of investments in servers and maintenance of harware arhitecure
- Speed and reliability as a support for your sales and back office process;
- Your own not shared database, , host by our servers with export facilities to any system wihtout mentenance costs;
- Safety and security for your own data, servers being hosted in a specialized datacenter with back up policies at every 2 minutes;
- Broker Platform is developed on the latest and highly performant Microsoft technology, that ensures speed reaction, reliability and an extremely high level of security;
- Software arhitecture made for brokers ensures the integrity and security of stored data to Broker.Net servers through Disaster Recovery policies. ✓    - You have the posibility to download, from interface, anytime you want, the entire database.

Broker.Net ensures for all brokers as platform users, hosting for created database, database made available exclusively for the broker.
- ASP.NET MVC 4.0 framework; - Hosting and mentenance for broker database:
Two servers database ( redundant structure ):

  • 48 processors, 128Gb RAM
  • 3 Terra storage
Two web servers ( redundant ):
  • 24 processors, 128Gb RAM
  • Hosted servers in two data centers: NX Data2 and Euroweb
  • High level of security and mentenance
  • Back up once every 15 minutes